Thursday, September 1, 2011

girls, Irene, classes, and church

I have been slacking in the blogging department because I feel guilty that I do not yet have pictures.  Why I don't have pictures though is because I have not yet been able to put totes and such in storage.  Therefore leaving me with a stack of "stuff" in my room that needs to be removed.  I am hoping to be able to do that soon. Until then though, here are a few short updates on what's happening.

The last girl on my wing to arrive came in on Monday morning.  After praying for them this summer, and last semester too, it was so good to have them all in, and safe.  I have twelve girls on my wing, and it seems like it will be an awesome group, judging by the different personalities that will each have something different to add to our dynamic.  I have been able to get to know some of them, but am eager to get to know them all better.

On Sunday, hurricane Irene hit Vermont.  I called mom and she simply said, "Becky, this is scary, please pray."  The "scary" part didn't last too long and consisted of lots of water, but little wind.  The stream in front of our house got very high, but it is far enough away from the house, that it never hurt it.  Mom said the river was carrying trees and large rocks.  Our neighbor's driveway was washed, as well as other roads in Ira, but as of last night, Dad said Ira is just about back to normal (thanks to the road people getting right on it, and townspeople helping out in different ways too).  Dad did say that there are still several towns that are completely stranded and essentially an "island".  There were houses that simply caved in because the dirt under their foundation was washed out.  There are many paved roads that were simply washed away. On rt. 7, where I would often drive on my way to work, the bridge is gone, with only a few short feet remaining.  I praise the Lord for the safety of my family and the others.  I have not yet heard of any deaths or serious injuries in my area.
Rt. 7 just outside of Rutland, Vermont after hurricane Irene (2011)

Yesterday, classes began!  I was ready to get back into the routine of classes.  I only had two morning classes, and they both look like they will be good classes.  My schedule this semester isn't too heavy with just the classes, and I love how my classes are set (time and location that is).  Looking forward to see what God teaches me this semester.

Last night I was able to get back to church.  It was SO good to be back and to see those dear, familiar faces.  Last night was their last night of the summer children's program, and so they had a carnival.  Tracie had been working hard to pull it all together, and her hard work definitely paid off...the kids had a blast!  I was in charge of the "Pick a Duck" station which resulted in me getting quite wet from the kids who felt the need to splash while picking a duck out of the bucket.  We ended the carnival with them getting ice cream!

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