Wednesday, January 4, 2012

break is nearing the end

Break is going well, and I am getting lots done.  My recent task has been my e-portfolio.  It is fun work though, so I enjoy it.  I have also been reading Set-Apart Femininity: God's Sacred Intent for Every Young Woman  (by: Leslie Ludy) for a class I plan to take next semester.  So far it has been a good conviction for me.  Trying to learn how to be selfless.  What I am learning is that it is much harder then I even know.  It will be a long journey of making the daily choice.

My mom's side of the family was up this past weekend.  My Uncle Dan is my mom's brother.  He is in the military and we are unable to see him often, so it was so good to see him.  He has always been one for surprises, and this year was no acception.  My Mom's sister and family had arrived and we were greeting them.  I walked upstairs and noticed my brother standing at the front door.  I then hear my sister crying and saw her hugging a man...I recognized who it was immediately.  I quickly ran over and joined the crying hug.  What an amazing surprise!  For New Year's Eve we played several games as a large family, and I believe I laughed harder then I ever have laughed before.

This week I have had to buckle down and get some productive work done.  Thankfully it has been fun work.  I enjoy working on my e-portfolio and the book has been very good.  I have also enjoyed doing some cleaning.  I leave to go back to school on Monday with a friend in New York.  Break is coming to an end, and I must get back to work...or go chase my niece who is climbing the stairs...

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