Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a few pics from the break....

Here are just a few pictures that my mom passed on to me (therefore all photo credit on this blog entry to go to my beautiful mother).  

 Christmas Eve, Scott slept at home and he went to bed early, so we sisters were left with no other choice but to torture him!

 This is what I opened for the Yankee Swap...nice, huh?

 I was pretty happy to have my Uncle with us!

Sarah acting something out on New Year's Eve!

Christmas 2011 Hewitt family picture 

All of the cousins on my mom's side, except my cousin Steve and his wife Kristen. 

He hadn't shaved his head in a day or so, and it was like sand wanted to know how rough it would be on a cotton ball.  

Goodbyes are hard, so you have to do something fun!

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