Thursday, January 26, 2012

Music Match Bulletin Board

This has been a crazy week, especially considering it is only the third week of classes.  My weekend was swamped in getting projects ready for Monday, and then the bio test on Tuesday.  Sadly, Thursday's projects didn't get much further then thought before Tuesday afternoon.  Teaching music is a two credit class that only meets once a week, for one hour...therefore there is a lot of work to do individually.  This week I had the privilege of having a bulletin board due on top of everything else.  Here is how the bulletin board turned out...

The stars are labels, and you take the string attached to the star and attach it to the part of music it accurately labels!

I still have a good bit to do today, and the next few weeks (as far as I have looked), are still fairly busy, but that is college.  The semester is going well.  I can't help but just be amazed with how God is using me, and all that He is teaching me.  I hope you take a few minutes to be amazed at what God is using you for!

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