Monday, July 2, 2012

a day at the library

I am currently at our county library. Maybe not under the best circumstances, but I love the library here.  The  people are so helpful and I love the selection they have, and so on and so forth!  I really do like it here.  I am here though because are out of power, have been since Friday around 7pm.  Please pray that I have the right attitude about this though.  I don't mind losing power when I am in the dorm with friends, or at home with my family, but being alone, it gets kind of tough.  I can only read so much.  But enough about that saga story...I have internet right now, and am enjoying some AC, so let me take this opportunity to update you on what has been happening in my life.

A lot more happened this week at Energy Express as I lost two students and gained two.  This has completely changed the dynamics of my room and added a bit of challenge, but God is still good and I know I will learn so much from these kids.  Here are just a few pictures from around our room (sadly, I cannot post pictures of my kiddos on my blog).

The first week's theme was "myself" and here are some of the things from that week.  Last week the theme was "family".

Energy Express has been cancelled for the week which I am so very sad about.  I wanted the change of pace and some normality in my life, but oh well, this is how it will be.

Thankfully Daniel comes in tonight and we will have the next couple of days together.  We plan to go to some local parks and enjoy some of the beauty of West Virginia!  I am so ready for him to get here.  4th of July is my favorite holiday so it will be fun to have someone to celebrate it here with me.

As for the kitchen, here are some of the things from last week.  This week, I am doing very little at home because I have no stove, no microwave, and no refrigerator or freezer to keep anything cold.  I keep reminding myself though that this will end.

 This is the only picture I have posted right now because it takes too long to upload pictures here at the library.  This particular quesadilla is the Southwestern Chicken Wrap.  It was VERY good!

Well, this is all I have to say for now.  Since starting this blog, my supervisor called and I have to go down there.  Not sure for what, but headed on down the mountain to see what is needed of me.  Pray I keep a good attitude about all of this.  Please, let me know how I can pray for you...I have got to get my mind off of myself!

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