Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

As I have mentioned before (I think), the Lord has provided Daniel with a full time job at the Charlotte airport.  I am so excited for him.  It is right up his alley, and so far he is really enjoying it.  He has an odd schedule.  By that I mean he works first shift (and lives an hour from Charlotte) so he leaves for work at about 4:25 am and doesn't get back until 4:30 pm or later.  Along with the odd schedule of days, he also has weekends in the middle of the week, Tuesday through Thursday.  All that to say, he drove up to WV for his weekend this week and stayed at the apartment of some of my friends.  We had so much fun together and celebrating the 4th of July (my favorite holiday).  Here are a few pictures from "the weekend".

Wanted to do something 4th of July-ish for dessert and so I decided on blueberry of Daniel's favorites. 

For the 4th of July, we went to three different parks.  Grandview was one of them.  It was wonderful!  We found a spot with lots of shade, and set up camping chairs, a blanket.  As if that weren't enough, Daniel spotted two trees perfectly situated to set up his hammock.  He set it up for me! 

While he grilled lunch, I got to rest in the shade (with a slight breeze) the hammock.  It was wonderful to being able to relax and rest. 

 For lunch we made tinfoil dinners (you put everything in a tinfoil 'sack' and grill it).  Our tinfoil dinners included ground beef, potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms.  We really enjoyed them.

 Next up, we went to Babcock State Park where we waded in the streams and climbed rocks.  The water was cool and refreshing.

 Babcock State Park had been hit hard by the storms.  Trees like this were down all over, most of them dug up by the roots, rather then broken at the tops.

The day ended with us going to Beckley to watch some fireworks.  At home, I had always watched them from a friends house in the distance.  This time I was in the park you are "supposed" to watch them from.  So there were so many people around and it really added to the atmosphere.  The fireworks were spectacular and as usual, I loved every minute of them!  I hope you all had as wonderful of a 4th of July as I did!

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