Monday, July 16, 2012

quick update

Things are going fine.  I have moved out of the apartment I was staying in and moved in with a couple from my church.  I am so thankful for people's generosity!  I will be at this couple's home until Wednesday morning when I leave for work (his brother is coming in from Oklahoma).  This change in living has provided some extra time with my dear friend Kari.  We spent Saturday together out doing adventures.  Some of our adventures included sale shopping, the lake, driving through an intense storm (flash flooding included), Chinese food, a movie etc. etc.  She then came to church with me on Sunday which was fun too.  I was back at work today and for the most part, it went well.  Please particularly be praying for one of my students and some of the needs involved with that.  This weekend, I am looking forward to going to Virginia to spend the weekend with Daniel, his parents, and grandparents.  I so enjoy going there.  It is very relaxing and I have such fun (even if we do aggravate each other [by playing the game aggravation]).  Anyways, I am headed over to Kari's apartment for a little while and then on to the house where I am staying.  Stay tuned for pictures of the ladies' spa night I enjoyed on Friday!

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