Thursday, July 12, 2012

update and plea for prayer

I don't have long, but I am currently sipping my coffee as I write to you, updating you as well as offering a plea for prayer.  On a side note, this summer I have fallen more in love with coffee (I'll admit, most people probably wouldn't like my coffee because Tim tells me consistently how too sweet it is, and this summer I have been sweetening it with VT maple syrup, spoiling done by Uncle Ralphie).  I love making it, the smell of it brewing, and then the relaxation of sipping it as I get things ready, browse the latest happenings in the world on the computer, have quiet time, or whatever else I might be doing.  I do not drink it for the caffeine though because it doesn't really do anything to help keep my awake, I simply love the taste (my way of fixing it, that is).  I do try though to not have it every morning because the grounds I currently have are regular and I do not want to become addicted to the caffeine, especially if it isn't helping me out, haha.  Okay, enough of on about that quick update and plea for prayer!

It is Thursday and my summer is over half way done with Energy Express.  That brings along mixed feelings, weighting on the sad side.  I have so enjoyed my time with the kids and love the life of waking up and going to school where I am the teacher.  I love reading their writing, and getting to know them.  Yesterday we worked for a while with spelling (in a non traditional way) because I have two students who consistently mis-spell "nice"  I most commonly see "nic" or "nis".  I love their innocence, but am also eager to see how they have each grown throughout the summer.

As far as meals have gone lately, I am continuing to love planning and making meals!  On Sunday, Kari came over and on the spur-of-the-moment, I decided I wanted strawberry shortcake, so I whipped up some biscuits and we did it up right with cool whip, fresh strawberries and chocolate chips!  Side note, we did not eat all of those biscuits.  A recipe I have been wanting to make for a long time that I found on Pinterest is a Roasted Garlic Chicken Pesto Pizza.  I made the homemade pesto and then also had fresh mushrooms, so I did half the pizza with that.  With my pizza, I enjoyed some of my favorite tea (thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Meigs!) iced, pomegranate!  So there you have it...the recent kitchen adventures!

Now for the plea for prayer...I have had the wonderful privilege of staying in the apartment of some school friends of mine while they were overseas for a mission's internship.  They started the trip home this morning and plan on being back tomorrow evening.  I couldn't even thank them enough for the use of their apartment for the past 6 weeks, and what a huge help that has been.  Their home has been very comfortable and suited my needs wonderfully.  They were gracious enough to allow me to stay for the remaining two weeks I have with Energy Express.  But for their sake, I felt six people, in a three bedroom apartment after they have just gotten back from a long time away, was a bit too much.  I have a few friends who too have been gracious enough to allow me to stay with them.  All that to say, I am trying to clean up my messes and get this apartment sparkling clean before they get back.  It has been difficult to work on packing and cleaning while still working full time.  It would figure that there would be two ladies events tonight and tomorrow that I really want to go to, but alas, I get to clean and pack.  Please pray that I get everything done, and before they get back.  I thank you in advance for your prayers.

Blog updates will probably be very limited within the next two and a half weeks though.  Don't lose heart, I have every intention to do my best to still keep up with it and keep the posts coming.  My coffee is just about up though so I am going to go try and tackle the downstairs bathroom and finish cleaning the stove pans (under the burners) before I leave for work.  Have a lovely Thursday!

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