Monday, December 3, 2012


Break was a wonderful time, but between the trip back down and the stresses of the remaining projects to do before the end of the semester, I no longer felt the rest and relaxation of break.  I went into it though knowing there were only three weeks.  That brought mixed feelings, for sure.

Here are a few pictures from break that I took.

My darling mother really struggles with keeping her eyes open for pictures, this is like our tenth try. 

 Scott was not thrilled to have me taking his picture.

 Be Mom made a pumpkin white chocolate cheese cake.

 Don't forget the football.

I finally feel "caught up" and like I can breathe again.  This weekend, there was a lot going on, on top of lots of work I really needed to get done.  The work went quicker then I expected, allowing me to get caught up and get a tiny bit ahead.  Wing decorations were this past weekend and my wing decorated with the theme "Over the River and Through the Woods" with a holler theme.  Here are some pictures from our wing.

For wing decorations, they open the dorms for everyone to view after the Christmas concert on Saturday night and on Sunday night.  We had lots of visitors.

Another thing I have been working on is my behavior system.  I did a movie theme and each student goes through a warning system depending on the color they have.  Like for example if they do something that needs it, I will tell them to "take a card" where they switch it to the next color, and each color has a different discipline.  I won't bog you down with all of the details.  But here are some pictures...
 So thankful for the helpful tools my sweet fiance has given throughout the years: a Cricut and laminator...both such huge elementary education helps.

Some fun happy news:

  • While on break, I went dress shopping with my mom and sister and I got my dress.
  • The other day while getting ready to leave an observation, two of the students began begging that I not leave and said "Miss Hewitt, please don't leave, you bring fun to this room".  I was touched both by their sentiment and their choice of words.
  • Today, my housing arrangements were finalized for next semester.  Praising the Lord and looking forward to seeing how He provides the details related.
Anyways...I am going to get back to work.  I have less then two weeks here before break, and lots to do.  Gotta get back to crossing things off the list.

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