Saturday, December 8, 2012

this time next week...

...I will be done with my semester, heading to North Caroline to spend a few days with that sweet man I get to marry.  I can hardly believe that my last academic semester is almost behind me.  Where did my college time go?  I have one week left of dorm life.  The Lord has been gracious in His providing for me.  I will be sharing an apartment next semester with a friend of mine.  She is on staff here at ABC and she too is engaged to get married on June 1st.  I think this will work out quite well.

Lord willing, this time next week all of my school work for this semester will be done and of the past.  I still have to revise a lesson plan, create a unit plan, take three exams, pack, and move.  Daniel will be here on Tuesday for us to do a pre-marital counseling session and then he has ever so kindly offered to help me move.  I won't move everything on Tuesday, but hopefully everything that I don't need in the next week will be moved to the apartment then.

The current plan right now is to spend a few days with Daniel, and a day with him and his family.  Please be in prayer as we will be trying to do some planning for our future [scouting out some Christian schools I may be able to teach at, possible housing, etc.].  The Lord knows, and we are simply praying that we have the wisdom and direction.  On Monday, he and I will travel to Virginia to celebrate Christmas.  On Wednesday, I will fly home for Christmas break.  I have some lofty ideas for Christmas break, and am scared I am setting myself up for failure.  I have lots I would like to do, while also hoping to have a very restful break.  All prayers appreciated.

Loving the Christmas season, but not totally feeling it yet.  I think that will change once I am with the ones I love [that is not to say I don't love the people here, but Christmas is a time for family {and my future family}].  I trust you are having a lovely Christmas season remembering the ultimate gift we received over two thousand years ago.  Joy and Peace to you.

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