Monday, October 10, 2011

pictorial update

 I am a visual learner, therefore I color code...warm colors for the theories, and cool colors for the philosophies.  Another great technique for me is note cards!

 We had to make a timeline of what we felt were the 10 most significant events in the War for Independence.  I wanted to do something other then a black line with numbers and simple words.  I love coffee staining, so i decided to make an index card (see above...I really do love index cards) book.  
 Hot glue is another favorite friend of mine!
 Tada!  My random finishing touch was adding a ribbon bookmark.  It looks way cooler then the work I put into 1 minute.

 The fall decorations and smells have arrived.  Here in WV the colors right now are absolutely breath taking.  I don't remember them being this vibrant before.  As far as inside my room, it isn't as pretty, but I wanted to bring out the fall touch.  Scott gave me the pumpkin, and the two scarecrows and candle (above laptop) are from Grandma and Grandpa my freshman year.  The silk flowers are an addition this year.  I love fall, and love the colors, smells, and weather.  I also have a pumpkin spice candle on the warmer.

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