Thursday, October 20, 2011

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This has been a pretty hectic week.  One of my biggest responsibilities has been to write my philosophy of education.  This is no small task.  I am sure my teacher will laugh at some of the things I write and think "she is still so young and naive...this view will soon change".  I expect that to happen.  Because the truth is, I am still so young and naive, and have so much more to learn.  There has been a lot of researching, praying, and digging into God's Word as I nail down exactly what my philosophy of education is.  This is my planned future.

I have also been in the schools a lot this week between observations and Practical Christian Service.  I have had a lot of fun in the classes with the students.  I definitely feel like I am in my "groove" when I working with the students--I love it!

The schedule of life doesn't really slow down much until Monday night.  This weekend I plan on working just about the entire time I am not in class down in the concession stand for the highschool tournaments going on in our gym.  Working the tournaments are so much fun, and add the hours up quickly for the pay check.  On Monday I have two big exams that I am already studying like a mad woman for.  Pray I get done this weekend what needs to get done (a balance between work, study, and resting).

I have some fun blogs I want to do, but I can't justify it right now.  But here are some sneak previews....

 Fiesta Pictures!

Candy Corn has got to be my favorite thing about Halloween--I love the taste, and I think they are cute.

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