Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Survived!

It was a very long week last week leading into this Monday, but God is so good, and He carried me through (as He always does).  I had a big paper due on Friday determining my philosophy of education, uh...kind of a big deal.  I finished that and am eager to hear what my professor thinks, and how many stupid things I said.  Monday I had an exam in History and Philosophy of Education exam in the morning, a quiz in Doctrine 2, and then a US History exam.  It was a rough day for a gal who is not a big fan of history.  I was looking for a relaxing day today, but that did not happen...sadly.  I had a lot to do today to get ready for Mr. Peterson's meeting with the president.  Aah, the joys of being secretary for the Mission's Conference Steering Committee.  I make it sound whiny, but actually I love it.  It is an insane amount of work, and a huge extra responsibility but I would say it has been the highlight of my college career thus far.  Mission's Conference will be November 7-9th.  I am looking forward to it immensely, though there is so much to be done before then.

Checkmates is tonight and the menu is S'mores Popcorn!  I may finish up some stuff for the Mission's Conference Meeting tomorrow and then try to write a fun pictorial blog for you all.  Anyways, thanks for your prayers with the difficult week--I survived!

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