Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bridge Day

According to the New River Gorge Website...."Bridge Day is the largest extreme sports evening in the world.  It's amazing. Trust us.  Bridge Day is held on the third Saturday in October every year in Fayetteville, West Virginia.  Hundreds of BASE jumpers and nearly 100,000 spectators are expected to attend this year's Bridge Day.  The New River Gorge is 876' tall and the world's second longest single arch bridge."

In my two full years of going to school here in West Virginia, I had yet to go to Bridge Day. I was planning on going last year, but things came up, and I got sick.  This year I wanted to go, because next year may be my last year, and what if something comes up next year?  Five of us from school went together.  We piled into Reed's small car, and made the trip.  We parked at K-Mart and rode a shuttle bus to the festivities.  The bus drive, was no boring event though.  We had the craziest bus driver ever.  He had dressed up in his hillbilly attire.  He wore fake teeth, had disco balls hanging from his years, and a hick hat on.  He said many very interesting things.  It was rather odd, but it did have everyone in the bus laughing.  The five us had fun walking around and looking at the different vender's displays.  It was PACKED!  We made it onto the bridge, and watched several jumpers for a while.  Here are a few pictures!

 The white circle is where they aim to land--didn't always happen though.

Notice this particular jumper--he did a back flip off.

The weather was absolutely beautiful for the occasion!  It was such a fun atmosphere, I would go again.  We were worried about how long we would have to wait in line to get the shuttle back (3ish miles) to Reed's car, but thankfully we only had to wait 30-45 minutes!  So thankful for the break from classes, and the fun with friends!

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