Tuesday, September 11, 2012

no classes today

Today is Tuesday and I therefore have no classes.  In fear I would not get anything accomplished today, I made myself a schedule.  I finished my last task about fifteen minutes early, so I am going to give a quick update....

Classes are going well!  I am in all teaching classes and very much enjoying that.  I find myself getting VERY excited to teach and have begun looking at schools to possibly teach at after I graduate.  Currently it is simply a list, as a lot more needs to be decided before that, but the process has begun!  In our Teaching Social Studies class, my professor highlights important days as we come to them.  Yesterday we did a highlight on 9/11.  I find it hitting me more this year then every before.  We talked about how many deaths there were, but how many were so affected by 9/11 that they will never be the same way as they were before.  We watched a short video which showed some firemen all tattered and torn, blood all over their face, weeping over the loss of their loved ones in their squadron.  It breaks me heart to see how lightly I have taken this even in the past, when I see truly what a HUGE impact it has had.  It has made me much more thankful for the men and women doing so much and sacrificing their lives for the safety of others.

It is so good to be back with my kiddos at church.  I love each of them so dearly.  One little boy warms my heart each time I see him as I brace myself for the hug he is about to give me (that could easily plow me over if I were not prepared).  I love their childlike faith in awe for our God.  Hope I get to stay in touch with them as they get older and become adults, to see what God has in store for their lives.

Engagement is going well.  I am missing my ring immensely as it had to be re-sized, but am missing my fiance even more.  He has been working hard with required overtime.  In one weeks period of time, he worked overtime four times (which means he stays all night, since his shift ends at 12:30am), or 28.75 hours just in overtime (not including his 50 'regular' hours). We are coming along nicely on wedding and marriage plans.  We have premarital counseling all lined up and are eager to learn from that time with a dear couple.  We have decided officially on the date of May 11th!  It is so exciting to be working towards a date.

My family at home is doing well but crazy busy.  My paternal grandma has not been doing well in health and last week fell, doing damage to her pelvis bone.  She seems to be healing well, but there have been many adjustments to that.  My sister is in her senior year of high school which simply boggles my mind!  My maternal grandparents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a celebration.  My aunt from Maine, and uncle from Connecticut surprised my grandparents by coming in to celebrate.  I missed being able to be home and celebrate with them.

Enjoy your Tuesday, and please, drop me an email sometime. I would love to hear from you!

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