Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Senior Year Room

 Welcome to Room 119.  This year I am in the basement of the old dorm (different from last year).

 When you first walk in my door, this is the opposite corner.  I intend to put a sheet on my top bunk and use that for easy studying. 
 My bulletin boards are still quite empty, I realize.
 Do you see how this is different from my other rooms?  I have no sink.  That has added a big change, but I am adjusting.  My sink fits in that spot quite nicely.

 My desk area...the first time it has been clean thus far this semester.
 I like the Christmas lights around my dresser.
I love to decorate with pictures...and flowers, haha.

To see my room from previous years, you can check them out here: Freshman (no pictures, sorry), Sophomore, and Junior.

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