Saturday, September 29, 2012

random happenings

The weekend has been wonderful...and productive!  I have gotten a bunch of homework done, which is so helpful (considering the special visitor I have coming tomorrow).  This evening has been a little more relaxed homework wise but I have done some much needed laundry.  The biggest need was my sheets and towels.  I will say though that I love doing laundry!

 Notice my bed is even made with the new sheets, and all of my clothes are folded.  The hardest part is still to come in putting them away though.

Here are just some other random pictures from the beginning of the week with my sweet fiance.  While together, we worked on some registering.  Thankfully (unlike our engagement), we remembered to document this fun occasion.
 (This picture is Daniel's Mom's that I am stealing for my blog)  Daniel's parents treated us to Japenese steak house as a celebration of our engagement.  I had never been to one before, but I do hope to go to one again.  It was such fun!

 Here are a few funny pictures from our engagement pictures.  I get a kick out of our faces every time.  I wish I could remember what was being said in these pictures.

Well, let those last two pictures end this post with a smile!

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