Saturday, April 23, 2011

IMPACT 2011 pictorial review

Welcome to IMPACT 2011...Always Prepared!

Friday night activity: 1 against 100 (or whatever it is exactly called).  The girls definitely did better then the guys, and Doug even admitted it!

 They did a great job with music!

Friday night it was raining, so we had to have our 'bonfire' inside.  While people were waiting in line for pizza, Eric was playing the guitar and before we knew it, the teens had gathered in a circle praising the Lord.  What an awesome thing to be a part of.

These are my super amazing sisters for the weekend: Makita (other counselor, and ABC student), Brittany, Breanna, and Bridget!  What sweet girls they were and what fun they were to spend the weekend with.

Dr. Tommy Mitchel was our speaker.  He is a medical doctor who realized the truth about creation later on in his life and is now serving with Answers in Genesis.  It's too bad he had to leave.

It was a wonderful weekend!  I so enjoyed the time out of my room, and having fun.  We played a ginormous game of "Underground Church" which was intense, as we had to figure out clues and before we could get a new clue, the entire team would have to recite that spot's clue.  Definitely got a lot of walking in.

So excited with what the Lord did.  Please continue to pray for the teens (and ABC students) as we have learned and been reminded of so much, pray we use this information for HIS glory! 

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