Sunday, April 24, 2011

pictures of art portfolio

Here are just like a million and two pictures of my art portfolio!  Hope you enjoy.

 My room became utter disaster zone while I was trying to finish this project up.

 I love colorful school supplies!

 This project is melted crayon wax between wax paper and glitter glue as an embellishment.

 This is my shapes picture--how many shapes do you see?

The next few pictures are of my paper clip print/stamping!

 My monochromatic piece that randomly makes me think of Scott every time I see it.

 I made this little guy out of clay.  He was for "form and space".  He is meant to be kind of like a coin/key holder.

 The cover of my binder

 This is another "form and space" piece--tulip carved out of soap.

 Here are a few different pieces: (left to right) blue monochromatic, paper clip print, crayon etching, and wallpaper collage.

 My "photo booth"

 Warm and Cool Color Line Explosion on the left, and Line Design on the right.

 Line Drawing

Here are two of my printmaking pictures.

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  1. Honey, that was amazing the number of things that you did! Proud of you!!!! MOM