Thursday, April 28, 2011

Study Day

I am enjoying not having classes.  Today was Study Day.  That basically means we are confined to campus.  It isn't required that we study all day, but suggested.  I only have one difficult exam this semester, and a large project due, therefore my study day did not have to be a day to kill myself getting things done.  I was able to sleep in, do some cleaning and packing, slowly get ready and start my day.  I enjoyed today immensely, and as last year, here is a photo documentation of my day!

 Sleeping in until 8:30am, is a wonderful thing!


 I was able to use my peach soap from my art project.  How many people have a tulip shaped bar of soap?

 What can I say?  I am an el ed student who loves her school supplies.

 ...still packing...

It is sad to see the empty walls.

Gift for my Secret Prayer Sister (SPS) for the SPS Reveal in 5 minutes!

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