Friday, April 15, 2011

praise the Lord for productivity

I am so thankful today is Friday!  It has been a quick week, but with a good bit packed into it.  Several highlights though, which is always nice.  Honestly, I can't remember what happened on Monday or Tuesday.  It is a blur.  Wednesday on the other hand....I went to classes as normal, and prepared my lesson for teaching at church.

I got to church, and 'my kids' and I were mutually excited to see each other.  I so enjoy each and every one of those cute little kiddos, and they bring such joy to my day.  For a while I had a full lap as I read the story of Esther to them (there are some hard names in that story: Mordecai, Xerxes).  I love the hugs they give me, and their excitement when they tell me their memory verse all by themselves.  This Wednesday had a new twist to it though.  I started my story on the tenth plague of Egypt when one of the little boys raised his head and informed me he knew the story for tonight.  I dismissed his question will telling him how we were going to read it from God's Word.  He seemed quite disappointed, to say the least.  He laid his head down on the table, and I ignored his throwing a fit over what I had told him.  I was continuing on with my story when I noticed the 2 year old sitting next to him looking at him oddly, and getting very close to his face.  I didn't think much of it until the boy on the other side of him raised his hand, "Miss Rebekah, ______ is sleeping".  Again, I dismissed it thinking 'aah, he is just faking it because he is mad at me for not letting him tell the story'.  We went through the story and finished it up, when Tracie had to leave and Krisi came in.  Tracie laughed and told me "I am not sure he is faking it, I think he really might be sleeping".  We proceeded to hand out the coloring sheets, and we tried to wake him up.  He kind of sat up in a daze and Krisi asked him why he was so sleepy.  He mumbled, "It's a secret".  He fell back asleep, and this time I became concerned he was going to fall on the table and hurt himself, so I went over to try and help him to the rocker.  He could barely walk.  He ended up sleeping soundly through the remainder of class.  Poor guy was exhausted.  I do not say this to make fun of him, I say this because it was so cute.  I love those kids so much.

Thursday was a good, yet busy day, as I attended classes as normal.  I had a free afternoon to work on homework and projects, and had my Thursday night class.  I might add that I absolutely love my Thursday evening class, and the prof for that class.  She had us watch a movie for class, brought enough popcorn for each of us to have our own bag, and four bags of chocolate.  She said she knew it was a crazy time of the semester, and that we all just needed to have a lighter class.  What a blessing that time was.

Today started off with brutality of an exam in OT Prophets.  I studied a bit, but most definitely not enough.  The exam was absolutely brutal.  Male, pastoral, seniors were saying that was the hardest exam they had ever taken.  I do not expect a pleasant grade at all (unfortunetly).  I then skipped a class (gasp) to work on a paper.  I did not feel guilty because I did not miss much in that class, and instead I accomplished a ton towards a research paper due Monday.  I then went to Earth Science as we reviewed for our test on Monday.  For once, I feel very ready for an Earth Science exam.

This week in chapel, it has been Expository Preaching Week, where three male students take the same passage and preach on it.  This year's passage was James 3 on the tongue.  All three guys did a great job, but my personal favorite was today.  Eric did a great job. Eric goes to the same church I go to, and is planning on going into youth ministry. I highly encourage you to listen to his chapel message on James 3.  It will be well worth your time, and unless you are a perfect person with your tongue 100% under control, you will walk away with something from this message.

All afternoon, I worked on my research paper as I watched the girls get ready for Junior/Senior Banquet.  I am proud to say that I finished my research paper (that I began this morning) before dinner.  I am now at work, and barely anyone is here.  I am going to try and be productive this evening as well, and then early bed for me.  I hope you all have a wonderful, restful weekend.  Don't forget to listen to the chapel message!

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